Friday 11 July 2008

Dame Darcy interview

Dame Darcy

Hell Lay

How would you describe your art?: Da Da. I also love German expressionism and the dark humour of the grand guignoil.

Currently working on: Meat Cake #14 was finished last week and will premiere in Spring. I have 2 TV pitches for animated series based on my Frightful Fairytales book and a little something we call the Excorsisters. I am doing illustrations for Putnam Penguins’ Jane Eyre and for my Graphic novel Gasoline which I am putting together the pre-production for a feature film of the same title, currently. Our band Death By Doll does the music for this film and the album will be finished this February [2005] and released by Emperor Penguin Records. (Penguins are apparently good luck for us)

Day job: I teach art /crafts to children 2 days a week

3 Likes: Dolls, music, parties

3 Dislikes: badly trained animals in the house

Daily Inspirations: Buddhism, making my movie Gasoline, true love

People you admire: Cleopatra, Mary Poppins, Clara Bow, Margaret Cho, Pippi Longstocking, Carol Channing, Charlotte Bronte, Marie Curie, Marie Le Voe, Mary Woolenstonecraft, Ki Ki, Amelia Airhart, Ursula K. LeGuin but wait theres more...

Superpower you would most like to possess: Stop War.

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