Thursday 17 December 2009

Gallery Artwork from Issue 5 (2009)

I was so overwhelmed by the amazing art submitted earlier this year for the Gallery in Issue 5.
I want to re-post the work here to share the work further than the pages of the zine could reach.
I love each and every one of these artists. Thank you for being a part of COTL5 :)

Ali Aschman (Brooklyn, NY)

Amber Seegmiller (Whittier, CA. USA).

Kate Pugsley (Chicago, USA)

Brandi Milne (USA)

Colette Rosa (London, UK)

Ellara Woodlock (Melbourne, Australia)

Elise Towle Snow (Salem, Massachusetts, USA)

Emily Cunningham (Chicago, USA)

Freya Harrison (London, UK)

Memo (Leeds, UK)

Jen Oaks (Berkeley, CA. USA)

Julianna Swaney (Portland OR. USA)

Katie Hanratty (Wirral, UK)

Kristyna Baczynski (Leeds, UK)

Laura Berger (Chicago, USA)

Lisa Linnéa (Sweden)

Liza Corbett (New York City)

Lucy Player (Essex, UK)

Maria Gil Ulldemolins (aka Nosideup) (Oxford UK)

Megan Whitmarsh (Los Angeles, USA)

Meryl Donoghue (London, UK)

Miso (Melbourne. Australia)

Miss Led (UK)

Nancy Mungcal (Los Angeles, USA)

Nikki Stavin (Chicago, IL, USA)

Nina Nijsten (Hasselt, Belgium)

Sarah Lippett (UK)

Suzanne Coady (Santa Fe, NM, USA)

Ulla Saar (Tallinn, Estonia)

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