Monday 4 April 2011

Colouring Outside The Lines - the cover art

Issues 1-5 of Colouring Outside The Lines had some wonderful cover artwork. I've collected it all together here.

(One of the reasons why the earlier issues of the zine were never re-printed was due to files being lost during a computer death, so some of the images here are (bad) photos of those issues, rather than the actual original images.)

* * * * *

Issue 5 (2009)

Front cover by Zoe Darnell

Back cover by Sara Hansson

Issue 4 (2008)

Front cover by Sarah Maple and Jo Harrison

Back cover by Ralph of Salute

Issue 3 (2007)

Front cover by Erica Moen

Back cover by Elke Donders

Issue 2 (2006)

Front cover by Karolina Bang

Back cover by Nichola Pemberton

Issue 1 (2005)

Front cover by R Clout

Back cover by Lucy Sweet

Plus also, Karoline Rerrie made this amazing illustration for the inside of issue 5

HUGE love to all those who made such amazing work for the zine. I feel very lucky to have had all this art made especially for the zine.

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