Tuesday 5 August 2008

Gallery artwork from issues 2 and 3

Issues two and three of the zine saw the development of a paper gallery in the early pages of the zine, prior to the interviews.
The gallery pages feature submissions from a wide array of kickass female artists.
These gallery pages have recently made it online (thanks to Elke at grrrlzines.net); check them out below.

Gallery artwork from colouring outside the lines #2 (August 2006)
Gallery artwork from colouring outside the lines #3 (April 2007)

1 comment:

rebecca said...

Great gallery illustrations - there is some fab stuff there!

I'm really looking forward to heading up to Gateshead to see the Nara exhibition (I'm so excited!) - I have to wait another month though as we are going to see it the same weekend we run in the Great North Run (pack it into a single trip) - a little treat for all my hard work :)